The high cost of divorce

And I’m not just talking attorney fees!

Divorce is expensive. The legal fees can be huge, of course, which is why you should consider mediation first. But creating two, financially sound households that can each function separately without the benefit of combined incomes and assets is really hard. Divorcing couples are often shocked at how much more difficult it is to pay for rent/mortgage payments, groceries, kids’ sports fees, gym memberships, etc. when they can no longer include their spouse’s income.

I have litigated and mediated hundreds of divorces. Through the Create Your Future checklist, and my proven mediation techniques, I guide couples into recognizing the new financial challenges they will face, and I help them to structure a financial solution that works best for each spouse. If you were to take your divorce to court, and a judge were to decide how to split your assets and debts, you would have no control over the structuring of the property/debt division. You could get stuck with a harsh court order that benefits no one but the attorneys.

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