Decisions, Decisions

Deciding to get divorced was hard enough – now we have to make hundreds more decisions?

Once you make the hard decision to separate or divorce, you can be quickly overwhelmed by all of the decisions you will need to make. The decision to get divorced was hard enough, but now you are faced with how to parent the children, what to do about the family home, how to split your credit card debt, even who gets the dog. You will learn that there are things you never dreamed you’d have to figure out when you decided to get divorced, like how a retirement account should be allocated to each of you.

A trained mediator like me can put all of those decisions on the table at the beginning, and help  you decide how to resolve them. In mediation, I spend much of our first session going over the Create Your Future divorce checklist. This checklist sets out the five major areas of decisions to be made, as follows:

  • Parenting Plan
  • Allocation of Assets and Debts
  • How to Pay Expenses of the Children
  • Spousal Support (if appropriate)
  • Tax Issues

We will then tackle these issues step by step in subsequent sessions, finding early areas of agreement and working on ways to reach agreement on more contentious issues. I’ll guide you in making your own decisions, and help you craft a post-divorce plan that works for your own unique situation. But you will always be in control – not me, not an attorney, and not a judge.



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